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The Prosecuting Attorney is a servant of the people and the government.  The following services are provided to the people of Henry County Indiana.

  High Profile Cases

We have tried one triple homicide, two double homicides, and several single victim homicide jury trials.  There has been one acquittal in a murder trial and we presently have a 94% conviction rate in high profile cases.

  Felony Cases

In all other felony cases, we have achieved a 95% conviction rate.  Such felony convictions include 280 individuals convicted of drug dealing or drug related charges in Henry County.

  Drug Seizure

Within the last two years we began a program to seize the assets and property of drug dealers.  The prosecutor's office has already seized hundreds of thousands of dollars i cash and property from drug dealers and is in the process of liquidating these seized assets.  The proceeds are shared with other Henry County Law enforcement agencies.

  Child Support

Our Child Support Office has the fewest employees for a county its size, but has collected over $38 million in child support for Henry County families.    Such efforts have allowed many Henry County families to rely more on court ordered child support and less on public assistance.

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